Our Process

Our approach to every project is quite simple – the client comes first! With Fulcrum, you are receiving an experienced, committed team and partner. We work closely and openly with our clients to truly listen to their needs and understand their vision and goals. We thoughtfully complete every project through highly coordinated and well-detailed approaches based on the foundation of open communication, collaboration and adherence to our organizational mission of community impact through education, empowerment and inclusion.

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During the preconstruction period, our team and all project stakeholders will carefully and intentionally plan every project step and milestone from beginning to end. The preconstruction phase is the foundation of the project, and we always work with all stakeholders to ensure we are building a strong one.


Fulcrum enters the construction phase with a focus on project safety, minimal impacts to community, cost acumen, schedule adherence, and project success. Our construction path consists of these key elements: Engage, lead, plan, refine, execute. With a strong preconstruction phase completed, our team will be set up for construction success and a project delivered to exceed goals. Our clients will receive clear, open, and constant communication during this phase to ensure client buy-in, acceptance, and a no surprises project.

Fulcrum Safety Planning


Safety is the foundation of every Fulcrum activity. Our team participates in a continuing safety education program with periodic mandatory training. We manage the safety of our subcontractors with required adoption of our project safety requirements and by including them in early schedule development. This establishes accountability and ownership for all our team members.


The Fulcrum team’s unique approach to blending exceptional quality with conscious minimization of impact allows us to significantly lessen possible negative operational impacts to the environment. Fulcrum accomplishes this through a commitment to using non-toxic products, waste prevention, recycling, water conservation, green building practices, and repurposing of materials whenever practically possible. Fulcrum’s prior projects demonstrate our commitment to art, innovation and environment. As a natural extension of these principles, we believe sustainable business practices to be not just a catchy slogan, but rather a foundation of our culture at Fulcrum. Fulcrum commits to intentional environmental stewardship that promotes a healthy and sustainable future for the clients, team and the global community. From concept to completion, Fulcrum works to integrate best practices and promote sustainable behaviors and actions in the immediate and broader community.


As an OMWESB company (WBE/ESB 9416), the Fulcrum team values supporting diverse communities and understands the challenges that the construction industry brings to marginalized populations. The Fulcrum team has a strong history of working with community organizations that support marginalized communities, including completing successful projects with social enterprise organizations such as Home Forward and Verde NW. For every project we undertake, we include a diverse array of businesses and organizations in both our clients and our networks throughout the construction process.

Commitment to Our Community

Fulcrum is committed to seamless and smooth projects that will not only enhance the experience of our clients but will also serve as a means to more fully integrate our communities and community partners.